Community update 16.01.2018

Block Bank Community update,

Hi everyone the last week has been really busy for our project, the team were in the Middle East presenting and attending conferences.

We met with two of our senior advisors Henok and Angela on the 8th along with some investors and members of other projects. The following day we were at the Atlantis Palm resort for the Dubai International Blockchain Summit. Hen our advisor Henok was a keynote speaker. It was a good chance to catch up with people in our community and see some innovative projects.

We presented some of the changes in our token structure to high level investors and received very positive feedback. Investors found the new structure a lot more attractive given the growth potential in our banking business.

On the 10th of January we registered the commodities entity which will handle the purchasing and refinement of precious metals. This will be a driver for the growth of Blockbank, the main materials we will trade will be Gold, Silver and Diamonds. By registering in the UAE we will be in a key geographical location for distribution on a global scale.

Much of the week after this was spent preparing for our presentation at Planet Blockchain.

The Planet Blockchain event was fantastic, there was a limited number of spaces available which created an intimate and relaxed environment. There we met investors, blockchain enthusiasts, and other projects who were presenting. We made some good connections with projects which will benefit Blockbank long term especially in the commodities markets.

The Week ahead.

This week we are meeting with MAMBU our core banking software provider for the system orientation day. This is a big moment for us as ita��s the first time we will get hands on with the back office banking system. Over the next 8 weeks the team will be getting regular training on all aspects of the system.


Token Issues

Guys I have been in touch with many of you regarding the problems I cant express my frustration with this, it has become a long term problem. Like I said before we will be paying out an additional 10% on the tokens as a expression of gratitude . The node has not been updating and we have not been able to login to our wallets. The technical team in Ukraine have presented me an option which may be able to resolve the issue with having to wait for the Ethereum foundation update. On the 18th of January I will be spending a full with the tech team to attempt to resolve the problem. Again I thank you for your patience and understanding on this. I will be following up with personal messages on the telegram chat the evening of the 16th of January. Apologies again guys this problem will be fixed as soon as physically possible.


Thanks again for you support and get in touch with any questions.


Adam and the team.

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