Community Update 17.05.2018

Hi every one,

I wanted to drop an update as the one was a long wait from previous I am going to try update as often as possible as we head in the main ico and listing of our token.

Last week we were in London and Budapest reviewing banking software. We met with Temenos a huge provider of it solutions for banks across the world in London and we were then invited to Appello in Budapest. The reason we have been to other providers is because of what we are working on in Kenya we have been active over there since march and will be able to fully disclose what we working on once all legal obligations have been satisfied.
The Temenos system will serve as a institutional level system core which is easy to integrate with future partners in Africa.

The Appello System offers a great user experience and will integrate with the affiliate system and referral network both systems will work in unison.

Other Updates

The MVP for the Commercial lending platform will be presented early next week, myself and the team are travelling to Canada to meet with our partners their and the accounting team. We will be finalizing the chart of a accounts and moving financial resources to appropriate entities in Uganda and Kenya.

Token Purchases

I have created a simple presentation on how to use the back office this will be followed by a video to show users how to register and purchase tokens with crypto and fiat currency. You can find it in the group an the project documentation


Earlier this week we met with Make it Happen a marketing agency in the Uk ,Make it Happen are an experience social media and marketing company. They will consulting us on marketing namely in Europe and the united kingdom. The owner of the company Kirstian has also agreed to join as a marketing advisor.

Just short and sweet today I will send details of whats new over the next two weeks as we will be on the move if your in the Uk enjoy your long weekend

Thanks again


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